The Mini Davis’s visit (Part 2).
Hi Peeps

Happy Valentines day to all you loved up monkeys out there. 

Week 2 of the Mini Davis's visit was spent in Rodney Bay Marina (after a pretty whizzy feisty sail up from Anse La Raye). As well as enjoying the many marina delights (showers, electricity and water on tap), we did the 'Carpe Diem' thing and got down to some land based activities! It goes without saying that there were beach visits, shopping trips and laundry days. But here are some of the other things we got up to. 

Rachels' Road Tour day.

We hired a Scooby van and Rachel (nominated driver) took on the roads of St Lucia. Once we'd wheedled our way through the traffic jams, snaked our way around the bends and crawled up the rather steep hills we arrived at our first stop.

The Botanical Gardens our guide 'Alexander the Great' (not sure if his mommy really gave him that name) introduced us to a range of beautiful plants and flowers. We had a photo shoot in front of the Diamond Waterfalls (which featured in the film Romancing the Stone) and took a dip in the Mineral baths (apparently they make you look 10 years younger). 

After our dunk, we headed off in the Scooby bus, next stop a spot of lunch at the drive in Volcano and then a dip in the Mud baths (again these claim to take 10 years off you). We were a bit concerned as one of the Mini Davis's was now in a negative age state!

The next activity was a spot of zip lining (Skip, Mrs Skip and the Minis) zipped up and got zipping! An activity that they had been looking forward to and all enjoyed. 

It was a somewhat weary gang that returned to Flapjack that evening. The plan for the night was to head down to the Friday night Street Party/Fish Fry in the village of Gros Islet. We were tired and it was raining on and off. Did we stay in and have an early night? Did we heck, softlad!
After a quick wash and brush up, we hit the village!

It was definitely more touristy than the one we'd been to at ‘Anse La Raye’, but the atmosphere was buzzing and as the night wore on so did the bump and grind!

Sunday afternoon at the Windjammer Landing resort. 

Researcher Rachel was on the case and had found out that on Sundays there was live music at the Windjammer Landing resort.  You could enjoy a swim and snorkel before the music started, then listen to the band whilst having a bite to eat. We hooked up with some other peeps from another boat (Egret) and caught a bus to the resort. 

We hadn't really known quite what to expect, as we approached, it soon became clear that it was a rather smart joint. The sort where they give you sun loungers and a towel! (get where I'm coming from now). In the sea swimming area there were a number of inflatable water wotsits (toys) to climb on, bounce on and jump off. You won't be surprised to hear that when I was trying to spot Mrs Skip in the water, MMM pointed out to me that she was the one jumping up and down on top of the Iceberg inflatable thingy!

After a rather hearty but very reasonably priced lunch, we played a game of Table Tennis (I told you loads of toys). The Davis girls introduced me to 'Run around Table Tennis'. Its difficult to explain but you sort of take your turn at hitting the ball, then run to the other end of the table and the next person hits and then runs to the other end and so on and so forth. Not sure if it was over excitement or just too much sun, I just kept running around the table (headless chicken springs to mind) forgetting to actually hit the ball! 

Pigeon Island

The Picnic basket was packed and we headed up to Pigeon island for a bit of an explore, swim and chill. The views were pretty stunning, the water welcoming and cool after we'd hiked up a rather steep hill and the picnic as always was spot on!

The kindness of strangers. 

Sailing the dream takes its toll shipmates and over the years my once brown locks are now sort of grey and ropey. In a rather desperate bid to smarten myself up, I decided to take matters in to my own hands. I can hear the groans from all those who have helped me out in this department (in many a shower block) over the years. 

I'd mixed my colour, towel'd and glove'd up (starting to think I might need help) and was trying to apply some colour to the back of my hair. A lady (with, it has to be said very nice hair) came in to use the facilities. She gave me a bit of a funny look (guess I did look a bit odder than usual). Then gestured that she would help me (turned out she was German). I handed her a glove and my brush. Then with a professionalism that only a coiffure could muster she coloured me up! Turned out she was in fact a hairdresser, how lucky was that! Left to my own devices, no telling where it would have ended, probably with an Esso Tiger effect!

The last and first dinner (confusing I Know). 

The Mini Davis's visit was coming to an end. On their last night we donned our glad rags and went out for a Curry. Skip has a BIG Birthday coming up (it’s his *0th) so the meal was a celebration of that with part of the Davis Clan. Got a feeling it could be the first of many!

It was a good night and I can firmly say that in the ‘Onion Bhaji’ department we were well and truly sorted!

Highlights of Week 2

Rachel        Road Tour Day.
Holly          Caribbean Dance lesson at the Street Party.
Mrs Skip      Pigeon Island and the Water Wotsits.
Skip           Zip lines.
MMM          Mud baths
Moi            It twas ALL GOOD! (Talk about sitting on the fence).

The Minis have just left us to return to Blighty. It's been Fab Dab, you were great, we were great, it was just darn great! 

Take care of yourselves you lickle monkeys. 

We're leaving Rodney Bay Marina tomorrow, next stop Martinique which is half French and half Dutch. Looking forward to visiting a French island.

I'll bid you Au Revoir (just getting warmed up) and speak soon. 

Team Flapjack X 4    XXXX

Tuesday, 14 February 2012