Hey Matey’s How’s tricks? 
Your looking well, have you done something different with your hair?

Right ‘time’, as they say ‘is of the essence’ so lets crack on!

Vieux Fort St Lucia

When you last tuned in we'd just arrived in Vieux Fort, St Lucia and were awaiting the Mini Davis's X 2. We were also hoping for a  rendezvous with the illusive new battery charger, this saga had begun back in Prickly Bay Grenada! 

Glad to say it was a Big Ten Four on both counts. Skip collected the new battery charger and the Mini Davis's arrived safe and sound. We were so close to the airport we could see their plane as it hung a right to come into land. Skip and Mrs Skip hot tailed it into the dinghy and raced ashore to collect them. 

We spent the next day in the bay, venturing ashore for some supplies and an Internet connection. Four of us were huddled a tiny computer/camera shop with laptops on laps as various customers came and went.  

Soufriere and The Pitons.

We had a very gentle downwind sail avec Genoa to an idyllic bay under the towering peaks of the Pitons in the Marine park. Once again we were greeted by a Boat Boy offering to help us tie onto a Mooring buoy (for a reasonable fee). He assured us it was strong enough to take the rather weighty Flapjack. 

It wasn't long before a 'Fruit and Veg Boat Boy' arrived his fruit looked so lovely you just wanted to Squidge it, and Squidge it Mrs Skip did! Until the Boat Boy put her straight and said 'Squidging' was not allowed! Seemed a bit harsh as she only squidged what she was going to buy!

The 'jewellery and trinket Boat Boy' made an appearance and left us a 'Happy Rabbit' as Holly and Rachel made some purchases to take back to Blighty. In the evening we donned our glad rags and went ashore for a  couple of Rum punches and some dinner, jolly nice it was too. 

Whilst in the bay we swam, canoed and enjoyed some very good snorkelling. At one point we were surrounded by teeny weeny fish they weren't Piranha! So I live to type another tale! (lucky unlucky for you? I'll let you be the judge of that). Skip did a spot of diving whilst MMM and myself (in the dinghy) followed his bubbles!

Marigot (we fondly refer to it as Maggot) bay.

This is a busy sheltered bay that has become a bit of a tourist mecca and is frequented by Charter and Tripper boats alike. We took a Mooring buoy and declined the offers of the many Boat Boys who wanted to assist us (for a reasonable fee).

We spent one night here and had a good dose of hustle and bustle. Rachel had done her research and found out that St Lucia is the Street Party/ Fish Fry island. It would have been positively rude not to partake in the festivities. 

There was a Street Party/Fish Fry festival taking place that night in the village of Dennery, it was an interesting 1/2 hour drive away (we had a taxi) up and down some unbelievably steep roads (that probably turn into sliding slopes when it rains). When we first arrived the village seemed a tad quiet, so much so that the driver asked us if we were sure the Fish Fry was on that particular night!

We parked up and walked a little way down the street, there was some music and BBQ aromas (phew) turned out it was coming from a small house! 
You could hear the sigh of relief as we reached the beach and were greeted with the sounds of a band and a number of small stalls that were providing Rum, Fish (not sure the rubbery Black Fish went down that well with the gang) and other delights.

Now, Dennery was hot on hospitality and friendliness but it was short on toilets! Mrs Skip, Rachel and myself went in search of some (its a girl thing going together). We bumped into our taxi driver who told us to follow him. We were in a bar, so thought he'd just show us where they were within the bar. Oooooh Nooooo, we went out the bar, down the road and stopped at a house that had some peeps sat outside chewing the fat. Now when a lady you've never met before lets you use her lav, that's above and beyond the call of friendliness, we and our bladders were very grateful!

Anse La Raye. 

We left the hustle and bustle of Marigot bay had a bit of a ‘sailing hack’ around then anchored up off the quiet village of Anse La Raye, we were the only boat in the bay, bar a few small fishing boats.

The weather has taken a bit of a cloudy turn and we've had a few showers but the fun and frolicking goes on!

We walked to the River Rock waterfalls and had a good pummelling under the cascading water. The area around the waterfalls is being fixed up as it took a bit of a bashing when Hurricane Tomas came a calling!

There's been more swimming, snorkelling, canoeing, diving and I think this evening we're breaking out the BBQ, will let you know how we get on.

Highlights of the week so far!

Rachel       Street party/Fish Fry.
Holly         Everything.
Mrs Skip/   Meeting Rachel and Holly at the airpot (what a Nanna!).
Skip          Dive by Petite Piton.
MMM         Snorkelling  around the Petit Piton.
Et Moi       All of the above (not a diver, just a bubble follower).           

I'll quit while I'm ahead, and bid you Au Revoir for now my lovelies. Catch ya later alligators.

Love and Coconuts Team Flapjack X 6 xxxxxx

Friday, 10 February 2012