Grenada continued......

January twas a busy old (at times very wet) month. We did the Tourist Tango and took a Road Tour of the island on a 7 seater minibus which was made all the more cosy as there were in fact 8 of us (True Blue & Sandpiper were aboard the Jolly bus) my fears about having to be strapped to the roof (they always pick on the little one) were put to rest when our driver/guide (Mathew) showed us (somewhat Twister style) how to get in and where to sit for maximum ‘unsquashidness!’

On the tour we visited Laura's spice garden, a Chocolate factory, Rum factory (goes without saying) and the rather attractive Concorde waterfalls. We were driven along a disused airstrip (what ever floats your boat peeps) and enjoyed a jolly nice lunch at a local restaurant.

CA (Cruising Association) members gathered aboard 'True Blue' (for a bit of a shindig) then ended the evening with a bite to eat at ‘De Big Fish!’ 
Whilst in Clarkes Court Bay we popped along for the Sunday gathering at the Rum shack on Hogg island (still as 'rumalicious' as when we visited with Team 'Saliander' in 2009). 

I think I mentioned in my earlier rantings that Skip and Mrs Skip had gone ashore for a couple of nights of ‘landlubber luxury’, glad to say they returned to find us and Flapjack all tickety boo! 

Tyrrel Bay on this island of Carriacou.

We had a somewhat feisty trip over from St Georges on Grenada and unfortunately the Sacrificial strip on the Genoa sail sort of got a bit ripped! A situation that was soon remedied once we arrived. 

Whilst in the bay we enjoyed a Lobster supper (Oh how we've changed it was Cheese Sarnies at lunchtime). We had two rather large critters that had to go in the pan one by one! We ventured into the mangroves and enjoyed 'Happy Rum Hours!' ashore. 

Union Island.

We made the briefest of stops in the main town of Clifton to sort out the checking in process. Then moved on to the quieter Chatham Bay. The weather during this time was not really as nice to us as it could have been. Cloud and rain seemed to be the order of the day. But it didn't stop play, we canoed, rummed, snorkelled and swam the days away.


Windy and choppy best describes the short trip to Saline bay on the island of Mayreau. Even in the anchorage we had a bit of a rock 'n' roll thing going on! I think it may have been here that we first noticed what I shall refer to as the 'Sunday phenomenon!' (It rains a lot) despite this we still take on the wind and rain and for some strange reason try to do our laundry. I wouldn't say we win the battle, but it certainly keeps us active as the washing goes in, out, in out and flies all about!

Tobago Cays.

Things were looking up on the weather front, but it was still very windy. We arrived in Tobago Cays and were greeted by a local Boat Boy (well more of an elderly Boat Gent really). You can get anything from Lobster to a Tee shirt from them. We spent a couple of days here enjoying snorkelling with Tommy the Turtle and his mates, snorkelling on the reefs and canoeing around with as much water in the canoe as under it!


Yip Skip Bequia, there was a music festival taking place and it seemed that every Yachtie and his boat was there. The wind just wouldn't let up and it looked like it had the better of us on our second night in the bay! We'd had some peeps aboard for a Rum Punch or two and then had all gone ashore to listen to a Steel band. It was at this point that Flapjack (little rascal that she is) decided to go walkabout and cosy up with a rather large Freighter. We were alerted to the shenanigans by a boat 'Innamorata II' (that Skip and Mrs Skip knew from the Ag Nik days) how petite Le Monde is Matey’s!

Anyway I digress, we raced back to the boat in the dynamic dinghy, upped the anchor only to discover what can only be described as a 'Gert big’ lump of coral on it. It took a while to dislodge the offending item but once we'd cast it adrift we were able to re-anchor.

The following night we had tickets for the second night of the music festivities. After giving Flapjack a stern talking we went ashore had a spot of dinner and got on with the Rum and Rock thing. It was a great night (good music and they weren’t shy with the Mount Gay rum) it was a somewhat soggy Team Flapjack (into wind and waves on the way back) that returned to her (she was safe and sound) in the wee hours!

Cumberland (Sausage) Bay St Vincent. 

Fast ain't the word for our trip here, we were flying by the seat of our salty soaked pants. We saw speeds of over 9kts I kid you not shipmates!

Needless to say we arrived very soon after we'd left (am I stating the obvious here). We were once again greeted by a local Boat Boy who offered to take a line ashore for us and tie it to a tree (for a reasonable fee). Before we had time to say 'Coconuts' more Boat Boys had appeared to ply their wares. 

Cumberland bay was a lovely peaceful spot, we met the rather shall we say 'wily' Joseph and generally had a relaxing couple of days. 

Vieux Fort St Lucia.

Chris Doyles guide to the Windward islands, states that 'The Northbound passage between St Vincent and St Lucia can be hard on the wind and hard on the body!' Right up our street then. We shipped out at 07.00 and were pleasantly surprised to see a number of other boats doing the same thing.  

We hugged the coast until it ran out, then hung on as we flew along. We were going well and heading straight for the Pitons, unfortunately our destination was Vieux Fort (which was into the wind). After a bit of bish, bash, boshing we anchored up outside the Port of Vieux Fort, which is only a couple of miles from the airport. Rather convenient for collecting the Mini Davis's Rachel and Holly.

Gold star for you if you’ve got this far! Will speak again soon. 

Take care you lickle monkeys. Team Flapjack X 4 (soon to be 6) XXXX
Tuesday, 7 February 2012