Atlantic crossing weeks 2 and 3 on Flapjack
Week 2 

The winds and the seas were up, we were positively bombing along at times reaching 7kts. Hair washing and showers (oooohhhh the luxury of it all), we had a visit from Bertie Bat who chose to hang out on the mizzen mast, a couple of games of Battleships (got to keep the nautical theme) were played post dinner. We celebrated reaching the 1/2 way point with a dinner of ‘Bangers and Mash’ followed by Pineapple upside down cake avec custard! Listening to the SSB Net. When the sea became very roly we were all pleased that our soup didn’t end up in our laps (well you’ve got to get your highs where you can Matey’s).

Things to keep us on our toes!
The Cruising chute was up and we were toodling along, when the Halyard holding it decided enough was enough and broke. ‘Oh S***!’ chorused Mrs Skip, MMM and myself as we legged it to drag it back on board! Later, Skip was kept busy with a spot of sewing on the Genoa sail and some painting on the bow of the boat. Mrs Skip also had her needle and thread out and was taking care of some holes in the bimini and its cover. Later in the week that canny Cruising chute obviously feeling it wasn’t getting enough attention decided to wrap itself around the Forestay, after going around in circles for a bit the problem was soon sorted.

Winds, Flapjack’s Speed and Mileage.
Throughout the week, we had E4 to 6 Beaufort and ESE of 4 to 6 Beaufort. The sea was pretty rocky and roly but Hey Ho we were bombing along with speeds of 6-7 kts. 

In week 2 Monday to Sunday, we covered 958 nm’s!

Week 3 

Still going like a train, yip skip mileage going down all the time! More showers and hair washes (we’re just so decadent), All the lunches and dinners (thank Neptune for the one pots when it was roly poly), a visit from a couple of birds who hunkered down for a night chez Flapjack, more fish for the freezer, dolphin spotting and SSB listening/contributing.

Things to keep us on our toes!
A roly poly sea made for a bit of an uncomfortable time, sleeping, cooking and just generally moving around the boat all became a bit of a chore. Squally rain clouds looming around for a couple of days but only gave us a couple of downpours. 

Winds, Flapjack’s Speed and Mileage.
The wind was generally ESE 4 to 7 Beaufort and our speeds ranged from 5 to 8 kts at times. For a couple of days we had no wind to speak of and found ourselves motoring on a mill pond that had previously been whipping us up into a frenzy. 

In the last week Monday to Monday we covered 1197 nm and arrived. 

Then you know what? We arrived, anchored up, went ashore checked in and ordered a ‘Rum punch’ well when in the Caribbean Matey’s. 

Happy Christmas to you and yours, love and all things good for 2012

Team Flapjack XXXX
Wednesday, 21 December 2011