Hey Peeps, first things first. Happy New Year to you Matey’s, hope 2012 is a dooozy for you!

Well, when you last tuned in we’d just rocked up in Grenada after our 21 day Atlantic crossing. Now, I could go on about the warm weather, relaxed friendly locals, good food and of course the Rum Punch, but nobody likes a smug bug! So in an attempt to get you on side, I will say that we had a fair amount of rain and wind over the Christmas period, the anchorage was quite rocky at times (bit like being back at sea had to gimble the cooker at one point) and no dinghy journey was complete without us getting wet! But then the sun would come out as would the Rum punch, oops there I go again. Hush my smuggly buggly mouth!

New years Resolution - Short and snappy is the name of the Blog game! 
Hmm those of you who know me, will know that’s a pretty tall order for a shortie! I’ll try my bestest matey’s.

Christmas and New Year was spent at anchor in Prickly Bay (Grenada). We kicked off Christmas day with a morning dip (well when the water temperature’s 27 degrees, its rude not to). Then it was time for pressies and phone calls to family. The Christmas celebrations took place sur Flapjack avec True Blue and chums ‘Team Sandpiper’ who were on a jolly jaunt from Blighty. 
You can take the Brits out of Blighty but can you take Blighty out of the Brits? Me thinks not!
We feasted on roast Chook (one for the Aussies) with all the trimmings. This was followed by Christmas pud, Mince pies and Brandy butter! To add the  Caribbean touch MMM had whipped up a batch of the old Rumus Punchus which went down rather well! 

Boxing day morning was spent catching up on some chores and carrying out a bit of boat maintenance, Skip was up the mast again to inspect one of the spreaders. Later in the afternoon we all went ashore for a stroll to stretch the old spaghetti legs. On the way back to the boat we popped in on True Blue for a cuppa and a piece of Crimbo cake. 

We had a New Years Eve bash on Flapjack with some peeps from other boats (Thai’s, Americans and Brits) all came together to... for want of a better word ‘PARTY!’. There were a number of musicians within the group and they arrived armed with their instruments. ‘Let de Jamin begin’ and it did! 
As midnight arrived, so did the Fireworks courtesy of the surrounding bars and restaurants. 
Twas a great way to say ‘See ya 2011 wouldn’t wanna be ya...bring it on 2012’ Is it me or have I gone all ‘lets get down with the kids?’

Anyway moving on swiftly, Suns nearly over the yard arm!

The good lady Flapjack had sent her letter to Santa and as she’s been soooo good in looking after us, she was rewarded with new Gas bottles, new Willy Wind vane lines, new grill for the cooker (toastastic), new battery/inverter charger which has yet to be delivered (the old one has gone back to Blighty with Team Sandpiper, luckily they had a rather handsome luggage allowance) and a few other stocking fillers!

At the moment we are anchored around the corner from Prickly Bay in Clarkes Court Bay. Skip and Mrs Skip have become landlubbers for a couple of days and we have been left home alone. No we haven’t broken anything yet!

When in the Caribbean the plans are always loose (could be a result of the Rum Punch) ours at the moment is positively baggy, we are waiting for the afore mentioned battery/inverter charger to arrive. Then we’re going to mosey on up to St Lucia, where some of Skips and Mrs Skip’s family are due to arrive at the end of the month. So I guess we’ll catch up again from there. Of course there’s more to tell (Road tours and Waterfalls) but we’ll save that for next time.

Laters Alligators Love ya  Team Flapjack (No I haven’t been on the sauce, just lovin the Caribbean thang)   XXXX

Wednesday, 11 January 2012