Karpaz Gate Marina (Cyprus).
Hey Matey's

As you've probably guessed, if you've peeked at the pics. Nous sommes arrives en Karpaz Gate, Northern Cyprus. The trip from Vliho (Greece) to Karpaz Gate (Northern Cyprus) 833 nm give or take a couple of nauticals. 

Soooo I think we can safely say Stells has been put through her paces and got a few post Tornado Sea miles under her keel! She has done brilliantly, just goes to show you can't keep a 'Good Gel' down!

When you last tuned in we'd had a tense old night in Cineviz Limani, glad to say we woke to blue skies with a smattering of those white fluffy things.

Cineviz Limani to Kemer.

A short motor hop to the marina at Kemer. You didn't need to look at a Weather Forecast to see there was more to come in the 'Thunderstorm' department. We ended up staying four days in the marina, during that time we had cloud, wind, rain with a dash of thunder and lightning to spice things up. Team Moli had their own storm to contend with of the 'Tummy Bug' variety! 

Kemer to Bozyazi.

Those nasty thunderstorms eventually wore themselves out and the sun and blue skies returned, which was good news as we were pulling an 'All nighter' to get to Bozyazi which was 128 nm away. There was no wind to start with but then it picked up and things started getting 'Tippy'. Time pour 'Les Reefs'. 

Trying to dish up the old 'One Pot' for dinner was interesting! As the darkness drew in the wind dropped and we were left with a rather 'swelly swell!' Night watches were shared between the three of us, with Shipmate Marcus stepping up to the Helm for his stint. Whilst M and myself had donned jackets (and trousers in my case) he was still in shorts and Tee shirt. 
Question: Has Sailing the Dream turned us into a pair of woosies? Or is he just 'well hard?'

Bozyazi was a welcome harbour,Team Moli’s ‘Tummy Bug’ was still on board! We spent two nights here before moving on. 

Bozyazi to Ovacik.

Well, what do ya know? We only went and caught a fish! Apparently it was of the Lambuka variety. He was a bit of a tiddler but add chips, a spot of salad and you have a meal pour trois!

Swim, Fish 'n' Chip supper and bed.

Ovacik to Tasucu.

Fish count 'Nil' nothing really happening in the wind department so another Motor!

Arrived and the locals were very helpful in making a space for Moli Mols and us on the quay. We stocked up on some supplies, went through the 'Checking out of Turkey' process.
We dined out, some of us had a 'Durum' (Turkish Kebab). Shipmate Marcus and one of the 'Tummy Bug' victims (guess) who was feeling better, plumped for some sort of ‘’Meat Feast plate! A brave move for your first meal in days! 
The next morning we were leaving at  UUUggghhh o'clock (05.45am) for the 50 mile hop to Karpaz Gate. Had to leave early to get there before Customs etc, knocked off for the day. 

Tasucu to Karpaz.

It was still dark when we shipped out, but there was a whiff of wind, unfortunately old ‘Wiley’ was just toying with us and as the sun got out of bed and wind decided to get into it!

Yes you've guessed it, Motor, Motor all the way. We thought we'd caught a fish at one point but it turned out to be a plastic bag! Team Moli saw a huge shoal of fish and some playful dolphins. 

We arrived around 4.00pm, were greeted by the Marina staff and the various officials to go through the 'Checking into Northern Cyprus' process and that as they say is where this journey ends. 

Karpaz Gate is very nice and very quiet, (Stells is booked in for a year) really not many boats here. Shipmate Marcus has shipped out! 

We've made a start on the Winter maintenance jobs, enjoyed Fish 'n' Chip suppers at a local bar, dabbled with Bingo and hold onto your hats, joined the Gym. It's in the marina and just to make sure we really suffer there's a Trainer who seems to delight in putting us through our ‘Painful Paces.’ 

Soo when we return to the UK in November we will either be ‘Super Duper Fit’ or ‘Cream Crackered’ shadows of our former selves!!

On that note, I will sign off. Nothing more to say other than 'Hope to see you soon Matey's.

Love and Workouts Team Stells xxx

P.S Remember Remember the 5th November, Bangers ‘n’ Mash and Flare-works for us tomorrow!http://www.karpazbay.com/Sea/Content/English/.aspx#http://www.karpazbay.com/Sea/Content/English/.aspx#shapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1
Sunday, 4 November 2012