Tunaydin Y’all!  

Hope all is tickety boo with you!

Okay, remember I said the computers were down when we checked into Fethiye. Well they did that thing that computers do, they came back up! Shipmate Marcus arrived in the wee hours of Saturday morning, we toodled off to put him on our Transit log. The Harbour Master added Marcus to the paperwork, but said as Stells weighed 14 tons (which she doesn’t, she’s a lean mean Sailing machine doesn’t even top the scales at 10) we would have to pay a couple of pence (and I mean pence) at the Bank, which you’ve guessed it wouldn’t be open until Monday! There are it has to be said, worse places to be held up. 

Monday morning came, we popped to the Harbour Masters office to collect the slip of paper that we needed for the bank, had a cup of tea (they really were jolly friendly) and felt very smug about being first in line outside the bank. The crowds were gathering waiting for the doors to open, I was first through the door but still managed to be pipped to the post by the ‘Dear sweet lickle old lady’, who is anything but! Done and dusted before 10.00am, we shipped out.

Fethiye Bay to Kalkan (well the bay just outside Yesilkoy).

We were able to sail for a bit, but then had to put the motor on to ensure we got to the bay before the thunderstorms and the darkness arrived. The sky really didn’t look very nice, in fact it was downright ‘Hostile’. 
The bay was busy and everyone had lines to the shore, so we duly followed suit. As nights go, it was (family audience) ‘POOEY!’ Something was occurring somewhere that sent a big swell into the bay, boats were having to up anchor for fear of ending up on the rocks! Just when we thought things were getting better, the wind arrived. I think it’s fair to say the mood on Stells was ‘tense’ with a capital ‘T’. Shipmate Marcus on the other hand seemed quite excited by all the shenanigans! We survived the night but the grey hair count went up!

Kalkan to Kas (Bayindir Limani) to meet Team Moli Mols!

It was a slightly weary team that upped anchor the next morning for our next stop and a Rendez vous with Team Moli Mols (planned to travel to Cyprus with them). Somebody somewhere decided to cut us some slack and we had a jolly nice sail, we were tootling along as Team Moli came out of Kas marina and we met on route. The crews and boats eyed each other up, having not seen each other for oohhh its got to be 2/3 years! 
The Verdict: Looking Good Shipmates!

We spent a couple of nights on a Restaurant pontoon in the Bay as the weather still wasn’t playing nicley. Whilst there we did the ‘Touristy thang’ MMM went in search of Tombs, took a Water taxi into Kas town, mooched around, and got back into the groove with Turkish food!

Kas to Ucagiz (Kekova Roads).

The forecast was improving but we weren’t out of the ‘Thunderstorm woods’ yet. We upped anchor and shipped out. To begin with there wasn’t much wind, but things picked up a bit. Moli Mols were in front and Stella obviously feeling that she had something to prove (its a post Tornado thing) wanted to catch her up, in fact she really was showing off as we sailed past them! 

We spent a couple of nights here, MMM and Marcus trekked up to the castle, we did leave to go to another bay but it was really crowded and we didn’t fancy being there if it all kicked off!  So we hoofed it back to Ucagiz. 

Ucagiz (Kekova Roads) to Cineviz Limani.
Time for another ‘POOEY’ night! When we arrived the sun was shining, we frolicked in the somewhat fresh water and all seemed right with the World! 
Things got feisty once it had got dark (ain’t that always the way). First we had the storm: Rain no wind, then we had the storm: Wind no rain. 
Think it was around this time that four Tripper boats hot tailed it into the bay for shelter! Shipmate Marcus, who it would appear enjoys nothing more than a good storm was intent on documenting it all by camera! Not really the best time to have a camera flash going off in your face (you can rest assured MMM pointed this out to him)while your hoping and praying, that you don’t hear the words ‘This is untenable we’re leaving!’ 
Having said that it’s a hum dinger of a pic! 
Can you guess what MMM is saying?
It didn’t become untenable and we didn’t leave, well not till the next morning.

Okay, I say we call it a day for now. If you’ve got this far well done you! If you haven’t your really must try harder!
To be continued.... Love and challenges 

Svelte,Speedy Stells Me and the Cap xx
Saturday, 27 October 2012