Ciao Shipmates 

When you last tuned in and I last rambled on, I was just about to leave MMM and Stells for a family bash in Tuscany at my Aunties house. 

We didn't quite come from the four corners of the Earth but we did come from Blighty, South of France, Czech Republic and Greece. My journey from Vliho involved two buses an overnight stay in Athens, one train, one plane a rather lengthy stay at Pisa airport and a car ride for the final leg of the journey (Cheers to Mary and me Pop). 

There were sixteen of us in total (three generations) a few peeps were missing with feeble excuses like about to give birth blah blah blah. Congrats to Sergio and Sarah on their new arrival! The house is huge with big bedrooms, there were double rooms for the couples triples for some of the boys, triples for some of the girls and singles for those that wanted a bit of peace and quiet. All I will say is there was 'No' snoring in the girls room!

There were four cars available and organising any excursion took a degree of Military planning, but we managed it and had ourselves a little 'convoy' thing going on each time we ventured out. The Italian, English and French registered cars were a sight to behold as they ventured down the small streets of Bibiena looking for 'Gelato' at nine o'clock at night, shame we picked the night they all closed early! Disaster was averted, we returned to the house and raided the freezer!

There was a spot of sight seeing to Arezzo and Lavento to see the Church of St Francis of Assisi. A very scenic and windy drive through the countryside, wasn't just the kids that were feeling car sick on that one! 

When we weren't out and about causing chaos on the streets, we were lazing around the pool, eating, (nobody does it quite like the Italians and if my Aunt has anything to say about it, nobody does it quite like Paola and Karen, long story involving a Christmas Turkey from yesteryear!) chatting, (Paola, Sarka and myself are Pros!) bickering (well its family isn't it) and celebrating Birthdays Marco and Paola's happen to be on the same day. Big convoy out to the restaurant that night!

These shindigs don't happen that often and that's what makes them special (we'd probably kill each other if we did them too often). The time came to say 'Ciao for now peeps' always a bit hard, but as I always say 'Gotta have the sad 'Goodbye' to have the happy 'Hello' next time around! 

I was deposited at the airport (Cheers Ian) at the crack of sparrows (actually I don't think they were up). Connection wise my trip back was a dream, managed to catch an earlier bus back to Levkas arriving around 10.00pm. As buses to Vliho had finished for the night. I was met there by MMM on a moped no less (he's so rock 'n' roll) we rode back to Vliho then it was a short dinghy ride home to Stells. 

MMM had enjoyed a pretty peaceful week at anchor with Stells (no nagging from yours truly, a situation that I can assure you has been rectified!) He had one very blowy day/night that kept him on his toes.

Arrivederci for now peeps, Speak soon munchkins

Love and laughter Me and Him xx

P.S Forgot to say ‘Team Stells will be shipping out soon, we’re off to Cyprus!
Friday, 14 September 2012