Leaving Vliho, on our way to Cyprus!
Hey Shipmates

How goes it? 

This mini Blog update is coming to you from Aegina in the Saronic Gulf, its pretty busy here, there's a 'Nut' festival on at the moment! I kid you not.There are tents and stalls lining the street in celebration of the humble often neglected 'Pistachio'. Last night was soooo busy the boats were wedging in to spaces that weren't even there! 

Retracing our sailing steps, we finally dragged ourselves away from Velcro, I mean Vliho bay and headed off in the general direction of the Corinth canal. We’d seen reports of some dodgy weather coming and had a cunning plan. It was of the 'hold up in a safe harbour' variety!

The weather was in no rush to ‘sort itself out’ (lot of East wind which is a tad inconvenient when that's the way you want to go)  so we ended up spending about 3 nights at anchor in Messolonghi. Last year we'd popped in for a couple of nights with the Senior Seadogs  and had wanted to go back for longer. Our wish was granted!

There were quite a few boats around but most seemed to be heading the opposite way to us!

Next stop Trizona again, (Wahoo a West wind to sweep us along) we fancied a few nights here as once again we'd rushed through last time round. The weather willing to indulge us. Rained, thunder-stormed and winded for 3 days and 3 nights! 
When it finally stopped it was still pretty grey so we decided to stay a bit longer.  

We spent one night in Kiato, then headed off early to take on the Corinth canal, we've been through it twice before, (always heading West) the last time with the Seadogs an experience none of us will forget in a hurry! We arrived at the Canal and were told there would be an hours wait. Anchor down and kettle on time.

Later another couple of boats arrived (sigh of relief that we weren't the only ones heading East) and were milling around. We then heard the Canal station calling one of the yachts
'Calamari, Calamari come in please'. This went on and on. Then suddenly over a loud speaker we heard 'Sailing Yacht Calamari, please call the Canal station'. We looked at each other, then looked at the radio. 
I tentatively called up the Canal and said 'I say old chap, we're Sailing Yacht STELLA MARIS, are you calling us?' His reply was in the 'affirmative' it was time to up anchor and start a convoy. We went at the back as old Stells, will not be rushed, talk about 'eat our spray' the other boats raced off!

Once through the canal, we tied up and I went to the office to pay. Leaving MMM to keep an eye on Stells as two rather large ships headed our way to transit the canal. There's only so much my nerves can take in one day. It was then a rather slow motor to Aegina. On the upside there was space in the harbour! 

There appears to be a weather window so we're shipping out tomorrow. Next stop Serifos (I think).

This blog is so up to date, I'm scaring myself!!

Take care, speak on the other side   Love and Nuts MMM et Moi xx

Friday, 21 September 2012