Hey Shipmates!

How’s it going your end?

When we last chewed the fat, we were just leaving the Greek island of Aegina heading for Serifos. After a somewhat slow sail from Aegina we arrived at the quiet anchorage of Koutala, in the dark. There was only one other boat there. The next morning when we got up and looked out, the other boat looked somewhat familiar. Turned out it was those Salty Sea dogs ‘Gerelle,’ after a somewhat bracing swim over to their boat a catch up over coffee and biccies. It was time for us to ship out. Good to see you Matey’s!

The Forecast was good, we needed to cover some miles, so an ‘All Nighter’ was called for. Our plan loose, leave Serifos go through the night and see how far we could get! The forecast, as is so often the case, was on the slightly conservative side. In the wind department we had more than enough and were reefed down to our underpants! With the wind unfortunately comes the waves, which did not tick the ‘Comfortable Sail’ box. We were heeling so much that the light on the Man Overboard Kit kept coming on! A tad disconcerting at first, as we weren’t sure if it was lightning or a ship shining its light on us.

On the upside we managed 120nm in 24 hours! Joyed up by this we decided to keep going and made it to the island of Nisiros in time for Beer and Crisps. The trip took 28 hours and we sailed for 23 of those! Stells was loving it, loving it, loving it!

Nisiros to Simi (Panormittis). 

Twas good to be back on Simi, whilst in the bay we saw The Hobbit (first met in the heady year of 2006), Sue the Noo and Capitaine S (chums from Crete) and Micheal Burke (he of Newsreader fame). It’s Rock ‘n’ roll all the way matey’s. 

Simi was to be our last Port in Greece, so we had to go through the ‘Checking out of Greece’ process. Sue the Noo (they were checking in) and myself decided to get the bus from Panormittis to Simi town to do the necessary. 
The bus timetable was somewhat random, our first attempt at catching the bus was at 07.30 hours (that one didn’t exist), we were back on the boats and watched the 11.00am bus come and go at 10.30am! We finally boarded a bus bound for the town at Midday. The bus back was supposed to leave at 14.30pm, it pulled out at 14.15pm but we managed to head it off at the pass and get onboard! 
Good to see you, you Mad Monkey! Cheers for the dinner ‘A la Kebabas’.

Simi to Fethiye (Turkey).

An early start was called for, we shipped out at 06.45am and arrived in Fethiye after a long long motor sail just as the lights went out and it got dark!

The next morning we went ashore to go through the ‘Checking into Turkey’ process. The computers were down, but we managed to get things done. Then it was back to Stells to move her onto the Yacht Classic pontoon. Time to give her and us a ‘Wash ‘n’ Brush up’. Ready for the arrival of Shipmate Marcus, he’d signed up for a jolly jaunt to Cyprus. Poor Sausage!

We’ll speak soon matey’s  Love, laughter and longevity Team Stells xx
Saturday, 29 September 2012