Ciao a tutti

Come stai?

I've said it before and I'll say it again L'italia e bella!!!! 

Anyway as usual I'm getting ahead of myself. Lets start at the beginning. When I last rattled on we were just leaving Blighty for our camping/road tour to Italy. We'd decided to take a leisurely drive (is there such a thing) and camp along the way, taking a couple of weeks to get to my Aunts house. 

Anyway first things first, we left Blighty from Dover (cheers to the Jeans clan for top weekend) and crossed to Dunkirk. Our first somewhat chilly night under canvas was in Belgium (Tournai) where we indulged in the the old frites/mayonnaise and a spot of wandering along the canal banks!

After leaving Belgium we made a bee line for Luxembourg and stayed in a small campsite (still a bit brrrr at night) that was within easy access of Luxembourg city!
We spent a couple of days exploring Luxembourg city before heading onto Germany (where they drive quite quickly). Germany provided us with our cheapest campsite of the trip (10 euro) all mod cons and a lovely peaceful spot. 
We cycled down (there's a big hint there) to a nearby village, which of course meant we had to cycle UP to get back to the campsite!

The next morning we packed up and left. After driving about 10km we decided to go back to pick up our spare number plate which we'd left lying on the grass! We stopped off at another campsite in Germany (Kirchberg, ideal for Legoland visits) this one had more of a 'Butlins' feel to it. The reason for choosing this site can be summed up in one word 'Football'. Yes, twas the night of the Germany- France game and one of us thought it would be good to watch Germany play, whilst in Germany! We were the only Brits ( I was keeping everything crossed that they didn't think we were French) in the restaurant/bar that night. Anyway was a good game for Germany so they were 'Happy Bunnies' and so were we after munching on half a chicken each!!

The next day was Saturday, so we thought that would be a good day to make for Austria..We fancied our chances with the Saturday traffic on the mountain roads! The weather was looking very dodgy…poor visibility and wet roads…Perfecto!!

To be fair it wasn't as bad as we were expecting, only a couple of bottleneck points! We arrived in Rinn near Innsbruck and decided to wait for the rain to stop before putting up the tent. It was a lovely little campsite, right next to a church with some very loud church bells. 
We decided to have a couple of days off of driving, to do some sightseeing and walking. M had suggested a Panoramic walking route (Zirbenweg trail). The idea is to take a cable car up to the Panoramic path, walk along it then take a chair lift down. For some strange reason we decided to say 'phooey' to the cable car and decided to walk up to the path from the campsite. Three hours into our up, up, up and a cable car option was suddenly very desirable. On the upside it was very beautiful all very 'Sound of Music' and there were some lovely Austrian bar/restaurants on route.  We did opt to take a chair lift down at the end of the endurance, I mean walk!

Austria was great and the weather had improved but that was about to change! There was mention of snow in them there mountains!
Our plan was to move on but spend another night in Austria before crossing the border to Italy. Somehow we managed to drive right out of Austria and straight into Italy!! All sort of happened faster than you can say ‘Salami Sausage!’
On arrival in Italy we were greeted with dark looming clouds that were doing a lot of ‘dark looming’, then the rain came by the  bucket load!! 

A very soggy night was spent at a campsite up in the mountains near Trento. It rained and it rained the tent was 'untenable'
(haven't used that term for a while) so after an evening of pizza munching, vino drinking and footie watching we decided to sleep in the car!! The forecast still wasn't great so the next morning we packed up our soggy selves and moved on. All very ‘Littlest Hobo!’

Lake Garda and the sun decided to put its hat on! It was lovely we were driving on the windy roads through the tunnels admiring the views, all was well. It was only when we stopped for a brew that M noticed I had the map (on our Tablet) upside down and we were in fact going down Lake Garda on the wrong side for our next camping stop and our greater plan (yes, there was a plan). 
Oooops, quick turn (of both map and car) and all was sorted. We spent a night on the Lake at a fairly big campsite, Holland were playing that night and the campsite was a 'abuzz' with Orange!! Despite some high winds that created a somewhat 'choppy' Lake Garda, we had a dry night under canvas.

Tourist hats were donned the next day and we made a pit stop in Verona (all very Romeo and Juliet) for the morning. Before heading down to Ferrara, where we spent 2 nights. The town is known for having lots and lots, I mean loads and loads of bicycles, so the roads and paths (apart from the cobbled ones) are geared for cyclists (read that as flat). We broke out the bikes and and went for a pedal! 

After leaving Ferrara we headed for my Aunts house (time to sleep in a proper bed) I couldn't quite remember where the house was and we managed to drive past it a couple of times. My only defence you can't see it from the road and all the little windy roads look the same!

So that's where we are now in a rather nice Tuscan Farmhouse near Bibbiena, staying with my Aunt and Uncle. We've been here for nearly a month (doing the Italian thang) not quite sure where the time has gone…..The house is up for sale, so if you fancy a lickle Tuscan pad look no further Tyre kickers please!

Righty Ho, I’ll let you digest this lot before I hit you with the gubbins of the ‘Italian thang’ and what it entails!

So I'll say Ciao for now, be good and take care of yourselves speak soon 

Love from Me and Him xx

Thursday, 7 August 2014