Yassus to one and all! 

It’s been a while, hope all is tickety with you and yours. This is going to a be a brief entry (you’lll be glad to hear) will save the longer unedited version for when we see you (you’ll not be glad to hear). 

House sitting seems to be the way forward at the moment. Soooo when asked to house sit for friends (R & B) on the island of Crete (many a Winter spent here on Stells) we were as keen as mustard! 

The house itself is just outside the small village of Kavousi, nestled on a rather steep hill. It’s a beautiful villa with the most amazing view. The road up to the house is not for the feint hearted, remoteness comes at a price my friends. Luckily we had the use of a jeep to help us on and off the hill!

There are a few other houses around and the peeps who are fondly referred to as the 'Hillbillies' have made us very welcome! With temperatures in the high 30's when we arrived, dunking in the pool was a must! When we weren’t doing that we were a melting!

During our time here, we’ve done a few bits and bobs around the house. M is very happy bunny when he's got a paintbrush in his hand. I  talked to the plants (around 60 pots) and begged them not to die. Maybe I over did it (you know what I’m like once I get going) sad to say there have been a few casualties along the way! 

On the upside the pool hasn’t turned green, something it has a reputation for doing from time to time!

We’ve caught up with some marina peeps and even got to go for a 'day sail' which was jolly good. Some chums popped over from Blighty and were treated to our Tour package! Again not for the feint hearted (no lounging by the pool on our watch) there were walks (just going to the beach got the old pulse going), drives in the jeep (you really had to be there). Restaurants, BBQ's and of course there was Mexican Train!!!

We've really enjoyed our time 'on the hill' and it was good to be back in Crete. 
 R, B and Heidi the dog are due back from their hols today. It's been raining and is very windy here and looks like there could be more on the way! So this is our cue to ship (old habits, we’re flying) out, we'll be leaving on Monday. Will have a brief interlude in Italy, then we'll be Blighty bound, I think……

So guess we'll be seeing some of you soon. Looking forward to it matey's xxx

P.S See I can do brief!
Friday, 24 October 2014