Blighty March - June 2014
How ya diddling? All tickety boo I hope. 

You'll be glad to hear this entry is going to be briefer than a really brief thingy ma jig!

Well, we arrived back in Blighty in March and its been pretty full on (interspersed with lots of chillax moments). 

As we now have a set of wheels (courtesy of Mrs Seadog, big cheers for that one) travelling around Blighty has been a lot easier. We've visited family and friends in Hampshire, London, Devon, Somerset, Brighton and Bournemouth. There have been parties, pub lunches, babysitting gigs, housesitting stints and more decorating than we'd expected both for others and for ourselves. Our flat in Bournemouth was in need of a bit of TLC!

We've had a great time catching up with you all as usual you've been mega, thanks to all who have put us up and put up with us!!

Sooo, here's the thing we're leaving on Monday for Belgium making our way slowly to Italy. There will be camping, cycling and hopefully some frites/mayonnaise! 

So we'll say Ciao for now, speak again soon matey's love and wanderlust  

Me and Him xx
Friday, 27 June 2014