Ho Ho Ho me hearties!

Well, the Eagle has landed, the fox is in the pen! What I’m trying to say is we’re back in Blighty!

After bidding ‘Bye Bye’ to Crete, we returned to Bibbiena in Italy for a couple of weeks. The weather was good so we were in no real rush to leave. But it wasn’t long before the sunny days started to be replaced by days of the ‘grey cold wet variety!’ That was our cue to load up the car and head off.

So, that’s just what we did we drove seven hours and made our first pit stop of the trip home. Now, when I say we stopped in Cagnes Sur Mer (near Nice) to visit an Aunt. I’m sure your picturing beautiful beaches, sunshine and peeps promenading along the ‘Promenade des Anglais’. Well, it wasn’t quite like that. The beautiful beaches were shrouded in cloud and teeming rain. The people weren’t promenading they were clinging onto their umbrellas and running! So, if your reading between the lines and your up to speed you’ll have guessed the weather was awful! There were floods nearby and more bad weather was forecast.

Before you could say ‘Moules et Frites’ we were on the road again, talk about flying visits! We had an overnight stop at Macon and enjoyed a jolly nice ‘cheese buffet’ at a Truck stop, amazing food and prices! Then it was a quick overnight in Calais, so we could hit the Supermarket before catching the ferry. The car was pretty chocca (our junk and bits and bobs for cousins from their mamas) but we still managed to squeeze in some more goodies!

We arrived in Dover to bright sunshine, spent a couple of days with my folks and had a quick catch up with chums. Then it was onto Devon to see the ‘Whiteley’ gang. We’re in Devon for Christmas, then it’s back up to see my lot for Boxing Day. We’re spending New Years Eve up North near Manchester. So that could be a chilly one!

Plans for next year are somewhat loose, but they’re often the best ones!

Anyway, hope to see some of you soon. Have a tip top Christmas and we wish you health, happiness and little bit of what you fancy for 2015!

Love from us xx
Friday, 5 December 2014