It’s been a busy old time!
Hey hey mateys 

Hope all is tickety with you and yours!

I seem to have lost a couple of months somewhere along the way. It was Christmas, then New Year and now suddenly we're knocking on the door of March.

This blog is coming to you from the saloon of a rather nice 52ft blue hulled steel ketch (having a bit of a Flapjack deja vu moment) It has Stella in its name (now its just getting too weird). 

We're doing a spot of boat/kitty sitting. Where are they now? I hear you ask. Well, we've boat sat in Antigua, we've boat/kitty sat in Crete and this time we thought we'd try something a little bit different. 
It's a bit off the wall, but hear me out. We're boat/kitty sitting in Gosport in February!!!! 
Well you've got to try these things and as it happens its all going very well, thanks to the Ebersapcher onboard heater and a rather entertaining kitty!

But as is so often the case with me, I digress…..Let's take a couple of steps back and I'll bring you up to speed on our goings on. I'll try and give you the abridged version.

Once all the Christmas and New Year shenanigans had died down. We eased ourselves into January, doing a bit of this and that. I did some voluntary work in the village school, just testing the water and I’ll say no more than that for now.

On the 30th of January, we hot tailed it up to (you might want to sit down for this bit, maybe a stiff drink) Gretna Green and tied the proverbial knot!! 
It was a bit of a rush job (No, it's not what your thinking) thanks to the Lancashire posse for their help in the rather 'wacky races' style nuptials. Also thanks to family who supported our idea despite probably thinking we were madder than a box of frogs! 

Bigus thankus to all who sent us good wishes, bubbles and other treats! Sorry for doing it on the hush hush and not having a big bash, but you should know by now we're not really big bash sorts! 

February has turned out to be pretty hectic, I'd booked us up left right and centre. We had a chums 40th Birthday bash (yes, we do have younger friends) in Bournemouth. This gave us a good chance to catch up with some peeps, sorry if we missed you. Will defo catch you next time round. 

Then it was off to Kent for a long awaited road trip rendez vous with some sailing chums from Crete. It was good good good to see them and catch up (you can take the sailors out of Crete but you can’t take the sailors out of this bunch). We also had a meet with the landlubbers formerly known as Team Flapjack, last seen in Australia after our epic sailing trip with them from Crete to the land down under! Bizarrely for me I neglected to take any pictures of them or their new abode/project! Too busy drinking bubbles and catching up!

After all that socialising we were in need of a bit of r&r and this came in the form of house/kitty sitting for those rascals Itchy and Scratchy. Whilst there we took advantage of some good weather (yes,you read that right good weather in February) and took some walks along the beach, it really is lovely around there! No visit to Bournemouth is complete without the odd catch up here and there. 

Soooo, we're now in Gosport It's been quite nice being on a boat again even if it hasn't gone anywhere! Our stint here finishes next week. We've done a spot of catching up here as well, with family, friends, blogs and the odd sailor! There’s been so many catch ups we must have pretty much caught up by now!

When we leave here we'll then be heading over the water. The car is packed to the hilt and we are Italy bound. We'll be making a pit stop in France for a spot of skiing/snowboarding. Its been a while so it could go one of two ways!!

There are a few plans in the ever flexible pipeline. But we'll save that for another time munchkins. 

Speak soon and be good you monkeys 
Love from My husband and myself (ooh get me all Mr & Mrs) xx

P.S Although we know longer have our dear old Stells and we haven't really done much sailing in the last year (2 day sails to be precise, shocking isn’t it). We're not quite ready to give up Sailthedream just yet, so watch this space mateys!
Thursday, 26 February 2015