Guess where we are? Go guess?
Hey Munchkins

How goes it with you? All tickety boo I hope?

I’ll cut straight to the chase.... We’re in Oman!!! For those of you not in the know, it’s in the Middle East. 

No, we didn’t get lost on the way back from Italy to Blighty. Well, we did but we won’t go into that now. We had a good drive/camping trip up through France (have a peek at the pics). It was great to see folks (sorry if we missed you) in Blighty and catch up with their goings on before we left. 

Anyway, as always I digress we’re in Oman. I know, how crazy is that? I had this madcap idea about going back into teaching and well I applied for this job and rather bizarrely got it! And here we are!

We’ve been here a month now and I’ve been working for a couple of weeks. It’s a roller coaster ride matey’s and I’m hanging on in there (I mean that in a good way) the school, staff and children are lovely which believe me is a great help. 

The heat is taking a bit of getting used to (and we’ve been to some hot climes) but Winter is on its way so temperatures should improve, we’ve heard they may go down to 30-35 degrees! Can’t see us breaking out the woolies anytime soon!

It’s been a busy old time since we arrived. We were staying at a Guest house to begin with but moved from there last week into a small apartment in a villa. We’ll stay here for a bit and see how things pan out. We’ve rented a car (driving here is not for the feint hearted) and have visited a few tourist sites with a nice Austrian guy who was staying in the same Guest house as us. We did three castles in one day (which it has to be said is going some) Rustaq, Nakkal and Al Hazm. The Al Hazm castle was particularly good as it has been fully restored. Last weekend we went to Wadi Shab  which was fantastic on the way there we stopped off at the Bimmah sinkhole to have a paddle and let the lickle fish nibble on our feet! The Omani people are extremely friendly and welcoming as are a lot of the other people we’ve met who are living here. 

An awful lot has happened in the month that we’ve been here and I’m sure a lot will be happening in the months to come. The adventure goes on and on!

What of MMM? I hear you ask, well he’s taken up Yoga and next week he’s jetting off to Dubai for a spot of poochie sitting!! I’ll pop over to join him for a few days as we have the Eid holidays coming up! Apparently there is a holiday each month up until December. How holidaytastic is that? 

So matey’s if you’re reading between the lines here, it’s all good so far and long may it continue munchkins. 

I’ll sign off for now my lovelies, take care of you and yours and we’ll have a chin wag again soon. 

Love and hugs from us xx
Friday, 11 September 2015