Its Been A While
Hi Hi

Hope all is well with you and yours? 

To say it's been a while is a slight understatement. I've been trying to think up a plausible excuse for my slackness! Bit like trying to think up an excuse for why you haven't done your homework and I've heard some doozies!

Anyway, enough of that. It's been a busy old time, we were in Blighty for Crimbo (which seems like an age ago now) it was a whistle stop tour. We were here, there, then back here again all before you could say 'Advent Calendar'. It was good to see family and some chums and as always, chew the fat and have a catch up. 

Life here has been a bit hectic, we moved about a month ago to a brand new building that is still ever so slightly 'under construction' the apartments are finished, but workers are still around finishing off the shops and other outside areas. We're also still waiting for our Internet to be sorted out. Although, things took a major step forward this week when two men turned up with a 'router' box plugged it in then announced they would return in two days to finish the job! Won't tell you what M's comment was about that.

We had some fun and games getting furniture for our new place, trying to get a man with a van to collect the second hand sofa we were buying has to be one of the ‘high lights’ of the move. Will tell you about that one when we see you.

School is good but super busy, we've had field trips to the beach, sports days, lessons and assessments. The half term break last week came at just the right time. We went on a road trip down the coast to a place called Sur, and did the touristy thing along the way. We’ve also met up with some folks from Blighty who were holidaying in Oman, they introduced us to some of the rather smart hotels that are in and around Muscat!

It's three weeks till the Easter hols (the time is flying by) we were thinking of jetting off somewhere but have decided to stay here and maybe do a bit of walking and camping. Hopefully the temperatures will still be agreeable. We've been enjoying temperatures in the high 20's which drop off in the evening, so it's all been rather pleasant! Not sure how long that will last before we start to head into 'hotsville'.

Right, I’ll sign off now but before I go I just want to tell you that we went to watch the Tour of Oman in the half term break, it’s not quite the Tour de France but it was good to see. The Americas cup series, on the other hand was great. The races were taking place about 10 minutes down the road from where we live. We’d toddled along thinking that the boats would be dots on the horizon. But oh no, they were racing pretty close to shore and we had a great couple of days watching the racing. To add to that the Brit team were the overall winners!

Okay, that’s enough for now. Take care of you and yours and we’ll parlez again soon. 

Love from us to you  xxxx
Saturday, 27 February 2016