Jolly jaunt to Dubai (May half term).
Hey hey

Hope all is tickety boo with you and yours?

We’ll be back in Blighty soon, so we can bore you with the stories in person then. 

For now all I’ll say is that we took a jolly jaunt to Dubai during the half term break in May. It’s less than an hour by plane, with soaring temperatures we decided not to drive so we let the plane take the strain!

It was great doing the tourist thang, the photos sort of speak for themselves, so go on take a peek! 

Dubai is great if you fancy a ‘city fix’ it is hustle and bustle times ten! Life here in the ‘Shire’ is at a much more relaxed pace. 

So for now I’ll bid you ‘toodle pip’ and we’ll hopefully catch up soon, can’t wait!

In the meantime take care and be good munchkins! Love from us xx
Friday, 17 June 2016