Spring Break
Hey Hey

How goes it? All tickety I hope?

I’ll be brief, no honestly I’m a reformed character I can now do ‘briefish’ 

Well this is the last day of my two week holiday, which is called ‘Spring Break’ in this neck of the woods. Safe to say we’ve had a pretty bonzer couple of weeks. How’s your Spring break been? 

After loading the car up with everything bar the kitchen sink and cups to drink out of (debate is still ongoing as to who was responsible for that lickle oversight!). We headed up into the mountains for a couple of days of camping and walking. The temperatures were slightly lower than we’d expected. Luckily we’d packed a duvet and had pushed the boat out and bought a blow up bed (oh how we’ve changed). The drive up to Jebel Shams is not for the feint hearted, there’s a lot of windy narrow ups! But once up there the views and landscapes are amazing. Take a peek at the pics if you don’t believe me. The cooler temperatures were ideal for walking, we did the Balcony walk, which is on the list of ‘things to do in Oman’ it did not disappoint.

After our couple of days of roughing it, we packed up our kit bags. Then had to drive down the steep windy narrow downs, luckily the brakes held up and we didn’t end up taking the same path as a lorry who hadn’t quite made the bend! We were Abu Dhabi bound, to do a spot of apartment/kitty sitting. 

So we went from roughty toughty camping to luxury luxurious, just the ticket. We had a great time in Abu Dhabi, the kitties were good company and chillaxed! As we had the car it was easy to get out and about (nerves of steel required when driving, undertaking and driving right up ya bot are the rules of the road). The apartment we stayed in was located near Yas island (home of F1 in Ab Dhabs), a couple of nights a week they open up the track and you can walk, run or cycle round it at your leisure. There’s a great atmosphere and the music is pumping to spur you on your way. We took a ride on a Dhow and went kayaking in the mangroves (not something you’d necessarily associate with Abu Dhabi). No visit to the big city is complete without getting lost in a huge shopping mall or getting the run around in IKEA!! But I’ll bore you with that one when I see you. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque (completed in 2007) was one of the highlights (free guided tours) of the trip. We were also lucky enough to catch the last day of a festival down on the Corniche.

Soooo, we’re now back in Muscat. David Coulthard (get me name dropping) came to town yesterday to hack around in a Red Bull F1 car down on the Corniche. There was much excitement about this, we and a few thousand others toodled off to see him hoof it up. Guess what? Go on guess?
It only went and rained, not just a drizzle it was full on windy stormy blowy wet! Monsieur Coulthard did eventually take a poodle round in his car, standing water and rain, it has to be said, stopped play! 

In the interests of ‘briefness’ I’ll say Ciao for now, we’ll be back in June, so not long now till we’ll hopefully be catching up with ya’ll. 

In the meantime, be good, take care and have a biggus huggus  from us xx
Saturday, 9 April 2016