Busy Time
Hey Hey you rascals!

How's tricks? All tickety boo I hope. 

Well it's been a little while since we last caught up. Sit yourself down and I'll bring you up to speed on our shenanigans. 

Last time we spoke (well I typed and you read) we were just about to head off on a jolly house hunting jaunt to France. Our trip had been planned with military precision, we had a couple of weeks to see as many houses as we could and then choose one to buy. Quite simple really. 

We may have overstretched ourselves on the house viewing front. We saw so many properties that we were getting confused with which house had what, they were all sort of merging into one. We zipped from town to town and department to department in our rented Fiat 500 (we'd ticked small car on the rental form) it was a like something from wacky races!

After seeing a huge variety of houses we decided to put in an offer on the first one we'd seen. In fact we'd actually seen it last year when we'd been doing some tentative house viewing. The 'buy a house in France project' has been going on for a while. 

So the long and the short of it is we now have a little place en France! We arrived in Chaillac in July with a rented van full of our wordly belongings (which it has to be said were a bit thin on the ground) ready to sign the contracts luckily that all went well! Chaillac is in the Indre department on the Haute Vienne border. It's quite a cute little town with a few bars/restaurants, the all important boulangerie, boucherie and a little shop! There's a campsite and two lakes, one of which is behind our maison.

Initially we were only able to stay at the house for a couple of nights as the van had to be returned and we had a birthday bash to help organise in Blighty for my mum's 70th.  The birthday bash went well and it was great to catch up with some of the family again. Whilst in Blighty we also managed to catch up with the Devonshire Whiteley clan and some chums that we hadn't seen for a while. After that we headed off back to France to see our new home!

Within a couple of days of returning to Chaillac we had a our first visitors. We were at sixes and sevens but our chums took it all in their stride. They were really enthusiastic about the house so much so they stayed an extra day to help out in the garden. Trees were being trimmed up and lopped down left right and centre! It wasn't all work and no play, we had our first bbq  at the house. It was a tad on the fresco side but the grown ups lemonade helped take the edge off! After the trimming and chopping the time came for said chums to bid us 'Au revoir' as they laid down their tools and set off on their merry way to continue their tour. Hope to see them again soon!

A couple of weeks later the Whiteley seniors came for a visit to check things out. The weather wasn't playing ball, we had some rather dull and somewhat chilly days during their stay. They too were keen to help out with gardening, cleaning and painting (the front drive area and rear shutters looked great).  There was time for a spot of sight seeing and swimming in the lake, when the sun decided to show it's beamy face! Jobs were being ticked off the list but you know how it goes for every one you tick off two go back on!

A week after the Whiteley seniors checked out my folks arrived and so did the sun. My dad brought overalls! There was a pattern emerging. The previous owners of the house had left us a sit on mower (the garden is rather large) which didn't work. It had no battery but we were guessing it was more than a 'no battery' problem.  Miles and his dad had managed to jump start it using Petey Peugeot so we decided to buy a battery for it. It would start but it wouldn't do anything else. Project 'fix the mower' took a week. It saw the mower dissected into a rather alarming number of pieces and resurected again. It now lives to mow another days, it has been named 'George' due to the hours he dedicated to getting the blooming thing going again. 
The end of my parents holiday pretty much marked the end of mine (can't complain, I had nine weeks off this summer)I flew back to Blighty with them leaving Miles home alone en France to work on the house. He is currently multi tasking fitting a new shower room, painting and looking after the rather large garden. 

I'm now back in Muscat and have started the new school year. Miles will join me for a visit towards the end of October. He is holding on in France until the weather turns then he'll come and have some Muscat sun! He's going to divide his time between France and Muscat for the time being. 

So, how's that for some news! We've been playing at being landlubbers and now that we've bought a house it's pretty official. We'll both be at the house next summer, so why not swing by and say 'Hi'.

Take care rascals, hope to see you soon  amour et aventures  xxxx
Wednesday, 27 September 2017