Catch Up
Hey hey munchkins

How are you diddlin? 

It feels like an age since we last spoke (just checked back on the blog and the last entry was June 2016). I feel like a naughty girl that hasn't done any homework for 10 months! 

You can take that look of your face, I'm going to do a 'whistle stop' entry to try and bring you painlessly up to speed on our shenanigans. 

Last time we spoke  in June 2016 we were getting ready to leave Muscat for the summer holidays in Europe (get me all ladi di dah, spending the summer in Europe). It is one of the 'bestest' feelings in the world, knowing you have 2 months of freedom ahead of you. We travelled to Blighty, France and Italy, caught up with friends and family and generally had a jolly good time! M had a big birthday, that he didn't want to really want to face up to, but he dug deep, survived and has come out the other side! There are some pics in the gallery of our 2 months of fun and frolics if you fancy taking a peek!

Summer came and went, as it so often does. Then before you could say 'schools out' I found myself boarding a flight to Muscat for the start of a new Autumn term. M stayed in Blighty as there was a job list in Devon that required his attention. A new term and a new class, they are a pretty lively bunch and are fulfilling their side of the contract which is 'to keep me on my toes', they're pretty good at it as well! 
There are pics in the 2016 Autumn gallery if your bored enough to want to see more. Can you see what I'm doing here? I'm using that 'a picture paints a thousand words' thingy to try and get out of the typing. It's an avoidance technique I've picked up from the children!

The Autumn term flew by quicker than you could say 'Charlie and the Chocolate factory'. There were school visits, reports, productions, swimming lessons and he odd spot of teaching. We flew back to Blighy for Crimbo and divided our time between Devon and Hampshire catching up with the families. You know what's coming now, don't you? Pics in the gallery!

So, that effortlessly brings us up to date. We returned to Muscat after the Christmas holidays and have been enjoying some pretty pleasant warm but not scorchio weather here. Don't get me wrong our temperatures are still in the high 20's, 30's but I'm sure it was warmer this time last year. Anyway, that's probably all set to change soon, the temperartures are beginning to creep up again. So, I guess we'll be seing 40 pretty soon! M recently went to Dubai for a spot of poochie sitting and I was able to join him for a few days which was great. On our return we donned our glad rags and  went to see Westside Story at the Muscat Opera House. It was the first time we'd seen this show and it was fantastic. I've enjoyed nights out with my teaching chums, a catch up at the Crowne Plaza or some other swanky venue which is just the ticket after a busy week at school. The Extreme sailing series are back in town, so we've popped along to see how the extreme guys do it. A bit faster than our Stells was, it has to be said. 

There are two weeks left before my Spring break, which is slightly earlier than the Easter hols in the U.K. We've booked to fly to France. We are on mission, find a house and buy it!!!So, let's see how that pans out! 

So mateys, I will love you and leave you for now. Go and have a cuppa (or a soupson of something stronger) and a biccy, you deserve it if you're still reading. 

Amour et bisous  Me and him xxxx
Tuesday, 7 March 2017