Let’s help to paint the picture.

Miles and Karen have been living together for about 14 years. He is a mild mannered software engineer with a penchance for beer, bikes and a bird called Karen. 

Miles has done a fair bit of sailing, his father (Dennis) owned a boat called ‘Dipper’ and there were frequent trips around Exmouth. On one such trip, Miles’ mother (Valerie) had come to meet them. She stood on the shore watching proudly as one by one the Whiteley men climbed down in to their tender, the tender then promptly sunk! 

Another fun day out resulted in a night being spent stuck on a sand bank in the Exe. 

An incident involving an outboard took place on a friends (Tim) boat ‘Tumbleweed’. The trusty crew arrived in Dover to collect the boat. After drinking the weekends supply of alcohol in a couple of hours, they decided to set off at about 2 a.m. They reversed into a pontoon and the outboard fell off. Not to be deterred it was recovered and they set off. As they approached the breakwater it was, I think the technical term is ‘blowing a hooley’, a little bit worried about this, they did the sensible thing and radioed in saying they had ‘an electrical fault’. To which the Coast guard chuckled ‘ Didn’t fancy it boys!’

Are you getting a picture in your head yet?

Karen’s sailing background is sparse to say the least. She has been known to get sea sick on a ferry. Trips out in the Solent usually consist of her sitting in one position for the whole journey hoping and praying that she isn’t sick!

When Miles suggested the sailing (make no mistake it was Miles’ idea) she was as you can appreciate somewhat apprehensive. After 14 years Karen knows to approach any idea suggested by Miles with caution. There have been many holidays where she has had to remind herself that she is on a holiday and not some endurance course. 

On a cycling holiday in Northern France, they took a tent and it rained for the whole week. At one point Miles feared they might get hypothermia. Being June our dynamic duo had only taken summer clothing. They arrived in Cherbourg in a torrential downpour, looking like they had escaped from an asylum. (This shipmates is not a one off). 

On two other cycling endurance I mean holidays to France they returned minus their cycles (Don’t ask). A couple of years ago they went cycling in Austria, I don’t think I need to say anymore!

When a flotilla sailing holiday was discussed Karen was keen, but at the back of her mind hoped she wouldn’t be hanging off the back on the boat, begging to be taken ashore. 

Her fears were unfounded they had a brilliant holiday, met some great people and learnt a lot. Most of which Karen has forgotten, she does have retention problems. On the holiday they witnessed one of their flotilla groups boat drift off whilst the crew went for a swim, they heard stories of anchors being pulled up with electricity cables on them (oh how they laughed). They themselves earned a soft furnishings award for losing their cockpit cushion overboard and not realising. 

Having survived life and the holidays, they have decided they need a little adventure. 

You’ve got the picture now haven’t you?

Sail the Dream Lets hope we don’t end up living the nightmare!  Home.
Perdy Evil Kenny Isle of Wight it was hilly and hot! Chubbdy Dave France oh joy we’re not on push bikes! Gently does it!