Day 13 (Wednesday 10th December)
Weather seemed a bit more settled but the effects of the wind over the previous days means there’s a very uncomfortable swell. Sailing along with just the Genoa and decided to stick with this set up through the night, just in case more squalls hit!
Highlights of day
Flom, flam, flum scrum (sort of German pizza) for lunch with salad.
Miles made new fishing line.
Tomato and bacon pasta for dinner.
126nm recorded for yesterday.
Nice clear night ideal for stargazing.
Lowlight of day/night
That darn swelly sea.

Day 14 (Thursday 11th December)
Nearly rolled out of bed around 9.00am due to increase in the wind. Going along nicely with just the Genoa.
Highlights of day
456nm to go did 136 yesterday.
Spotted another boat spoke to them on the radio, they passed within a 1/4 mile of us quite amazing and eerie as it was dusk.
Fray Bentos (good stodge when you need it)
Lowlight of day/night
Uncomfortable due to swell.
Squalls skirting around.

Day 15 (Friday 12th December)
Still bobbing along in a very uncomfortable swell with just the Genoa, we gybed this around 1400 for a bit of excitement.
Highlights of day
A bird flew aboard for what we thought was a quick rest, turned out he was hitching a lift!
Had pears and hot chocolotate sauce in the afternoon (scrum).
Skip made a Cassoulet for dinner which was pretty darn good.
128nm recorded for yesterday.
Weather report.
Lowlight of day/night
The swelly belly sea.

Day 16 (Saturday 13th December)
Sea still swelliclicous! The wind has dropped a bit looks like it will be Monday morning that we arrive now. (Miles smirking a lot, nobody likes a clever clogs). Main and Genoa up. The wind picked up through the night so we had to put a reef in the main during the night.
Highlights of day
A super duper pan pizza for lunch.
Miles put his homemade fishing line out.
114nm recorded for yesterday a mere 214nm to go!
Playing scrabble having to use torches as it got dark.
Didn’t catch any fish!
Bilge pump light came on (but turns out nothing too major).
Tin soup for dinner!

Day 17 (Sunday 14th December)
Rolled away the Genoa in the morning, going along with just main (3 reefs in). The swell is still there but doesn’t seem as bad we’ve either got used to it or it’s dying off! We had to try to slow the boat down (can you believe it) as we didn’t want to arrive in the dark. It doesn’t get light till about 10.00am (UTC time we’ve been working on) which will be 6.00am local time.
Highlights of day/night.
Home/boatmade bread
Seeing a cruise ship on nightwatch (was really close)
A really jolly nice last night at sea, we arrive tomorrow!!!!!!!!
Wind picking up on my nightwatch and us bombing along, a beautiful clear night for stargazing, listening to music on my i-pod. Then realised we were going to fast and would get there too early!!!
3rd reef in main time.

Monday 15th December

Highlights of day/night.
Arriving in Falmouth harbour Antigua, the remarks made by each of us about this. One rather large punch is on order for Miles who won the wager.

Paul - ‘Antigua it’s a nice landfall’
Anne - ‘Very excited’
Karen - ‘sooooooo excited, can’t believe it blah blah blah!!’
Miles - ‘I’m tired’

Lowlights of day/night.
It’s over mateys, we came and we crossed (1817nm on the log) and now it’s finished! 

Pete and Raewin arrived in St Lucia on the 16th December, well done mateys have a ‘Lambstatic’ Christmas (there from NZ) hope to see you in January. 

Well done if you’ve go this far, crossing the Atlantic is nothing compared with you having to listen to me (think Miles will back me up on that one).

Love and Best wishes for Crimbo Team Stella XXX

P.S Keep watching there’s more to come!