Antigua - we have arrived!!
Ahoy landlubbers, hope this update finds you all well and ready for a jolly holly Christmas!!

We arrived in Falmouth harbour Antigua (I just love the sound of that) on the 15th December at around 10.0am (local time). The crossing (1817nm on the log) took 17 days in all (motored for no more than 5 hours throughout whole trip) and during that time I think it’s safe to say we pretty much had the full Atlantic experience:-

Sun, cloud, rain, wind, no wind, big swell, small swell, squalls, gale, dolphins, fish catching, whale watching, reading, scrabble, charades, good night watches, not so good night watches, sail changes, scrummy food and of course we all know that no Atlantic crossing would be complete without a Fray Bentos pie, in fact we threw caution to the wind (think it was a squall on that particular night!) and had two!!

Our shipmates were brill with a capital ‘B’ and the whole experience was fab a dab, we couldn’t have wished for more. Unfortunately Anne is no longer with us, she returned to her family in the UK on the 21st December, if your reading this Anne you were ‘GREAT’ and who knows maybe we’ll sail together again one sunny day!

It’s taken me a while to update the site as since we’ve arrived things have been quite hectic, it’s not all rum punch in the sun you know! I’ve also been pondering on the best way to actually present you with what went on on those (edited version of course) 17 days!! Don’t want you loosing the will to live whilst reading. 

So if you’ve got a couple of hours to spare, have a warm/alcoholic drink and snack available (should the going get tough) are feeling up to the challenge, then read on mateys

Love & Pina coladas to you all

Mild mannered and the short one XX
Monday, 22 December 2008