Day 1 on the Big brother boat otherwise known as ‘Seventh Heaven’ (28th November 2008).
The bets are on and the hundred dollar question How long will it take us to get there?

Captain:- 16 days (that means we’ll have every bit of sail in the locker out).
Anne:- 15 days (she’s going to be hanging out the tea towels as well).
Miles:- 17 days 6 hours (He’s going to be reeling the sails in when we’re not looking).
Karen:- 16 days 6 hours (A far more realistic estimate, listen to what everyone else guessed and add 6 hours).

Setting the scene.
We had quite a relaxed set up for watches during the day most people were up so there was no formal watch system. If you wanted to go for a nap you could, so long as you didn’t all go at the same time!

During the night we had a system of doing watches of 2 1/2 hours each on our own (we were all up for maximising sleep time). In the early days these started at around 21.00, but as we moved further West we had to move them back as it wasn’t get dark until later and dawn was for us (working on UTC time) getting later and later, we found ourselves getting up at 09.30 (what do you mean that’s early for us) and it was still dark. If there was a problem we would wake the skip (I seemed to have to do a lot of this as wind always seemed to pick up on my watches). If it was something bigger (storm) we all be up anyway, that or be rolled out of bed!

Day 1 or some might call it day zero!
Left Mindelo (Cape Verde islands) around 09.00am (UTC) there was a small amount of swell saw 10.9 knots on the speedo (Anne could be in with a chance). First night of watches and I had to get Skip up as the wind was getting up and George wasn’t happy. Qu’est que ce George? I hear you ask. George c’est la Helm de Auto, 2nd most important person on boat after the Skip of course.
Highlights of day
Setting off on our big adventure.
Spaghetti Bolognese and Apple crumble for dinner.

Day 2 (Saturday 29th November).
Miles started the day by washing down the decks to get rid of the flying fish scales. A cloudy day, sailing along with the full main and a poled out Genoa.
Highlights of day.
Found out that yesterday we did 138nm.
Getting the weather report.
Lentil soup for lunch.
Saw Wally the whale and some dolphins.
Goulash and Apple crumble for dinner.
Spotted another boat. 
Didn’t have to get Skip up on my nightwatch.

Day 3 (Sunday 30th November).
A pretty quiet day, the wind dropped off and we had a bit of the old unhappy flappy sail syndrome. In the end we had to furl the Genoa away and just go with the mainsail. 
Highlights of day/night
Messing about with sails (sure that’s not the technical term).
152nm recorded yesterday.
Weather report
Stargazing some of us have been more successful than others at this.
Cheese toastie for lunch, shepherds pie for dinner.

Day 4 (Monday 1st December).
Wind just not playing ball very light, so have got it all (sails that is)out in an effort to keep moving, a lot of rocking and rolling going on due to lack of wind. Had to turn the engine on overnight as we were becalmed!
Highlights of day/night
Messing about with sails
108nm yesterday
Weather report
Caught a fish
Eating the fish in a rather scrummy fish pie (we all know I didn’t make it).
Walking around the deck for exercise (see lost it already).
Lowlight of day 
Losing fishing lure
Lack of wind

Well done if you’ve got this far, go and get a refill and I’ll see you in 10 minutes.

Love & best efforts to be brief XX
Tuesday, 23 December 2008