Happy 70th Birthday to Seadog Senior.
Where has the time gone? 

First things first, we at ‘Sail the Dream’ (that’s Captain M and myself) would like to wish ‘Seadog Senior’ a Happy 70th Birthday (I know it’s amazing he doesn’t look a day over 69). You can rest assured ‘Team Stella’ will be celebrating in true ‘Whiteley’ style at this end. 

Next we’d like to take this opportunity (get me all lah di dah) to wish you all a very very very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

As a special Christmas present to you all (as you’ve been so good) I’ll keep this blog entry short (no trust me I can do it). 

Since I last wrote we’ve been busy bunnies. The Captain has been doing some winter maintenance on Stells (well you’ve got to keep the old girl happy). I’ve managed to get a bit of work teaching English to a couple of very nice French children who are in the marina for the Winter. (My French is coming on nicely, thank you for asking). 

We’ve met up with old chums and made some new ones. There’s a fantastic British couple (John & Tessa) who are sailing the dream with their two cats Mani & Floozie. John and Tessa have returned to Blighty for Christmas and we’re on cat sitting duty (don’t tell Dave). The job has a number of perks, as well as lots of cat cuddles we’re staying on their boat, which has hot water and a T.V/D.V.D system (the luxury of it is making me dizzy). Please don’t tell Stella I said that. 

In the new Year we hope to do some work on a boat in the marina that is owned by another very nice British guy, so that should keep us busy and out of trouble. We’ve been doing lots of walking and a spot of olive picking, so hopefully we won’t get too flabby round the gills during our Winter lay up. 

The parties and celebrations have already began (well it’s rude not to). We’re getting together with 34 other yachties on Christmas day to do the Christmas thang. Team Stells are on ‘Turkey duty’ so keep your fingers and chipolatas crossed that it all goes okay. 

Right that’s your lot my lovelies, Take care of yourselves and have a Merry safe Christmas. May 2010 be filled with love, laughter and happiness for you all. You deserve it. 

Love and turkey’s The pooper scoopers, Mani, Floozie and Lil Ginge (I’ll explain in the New Year) XX
Wednesday, 16 December 2009