The Whiteley Senior Seadogs visit.

Ingredients for a two week Stella Maris road, or should I say ‘sail trip’.

One boat
2 x Senior seadogs
2 x Seadog pups (okay slightly mature pups)
Temperatures in region of 30 degrees
Gas shortage (well none to be precise)


Stir, vigourously at times, but what ever you do don’t shake, then just sit back and let it all unfold! Seadog Senior had sailed to Antalya in yesteryear and a had a hankering for a trip down memory lane. Mrs Seadog Senior ever up for an adventure took it all in her stride.

Yacht Plaza pontoon Fethiye bay it was HOT HOT HOT!

We’d arranged to meet the Seadog Seniors on the pontoon of Yacht Plaza hotel in Fethiye, this is a nice spot with lots of mod cons like showers, swimming pool, bar and restaurant (best to break them in gently). They arrived laden down with luggage partly our fault as the Captain had recently ordered a new radar reflector and asked them to bring it out for us. We may have slightly underestimated the size of it!

The next morning the Captain was up that mast like the proverbial rat and his drain pipe. New radar reflector in place he returned to base camp. It was then that we realised one of the halyards was on the wrong side of the shrouds (those not in the know, a bit of line wasn't where it should have been). As it had been a bit of an effort hauling the Captain up in the first place, he decided to send the little one up to sort it out, oh joy!! 

We spent two nights on the pontoon at Yacht Plaza, which gave us a chance to meet up with John and Betty, old friends of the Senior Seadogs.  

Then the time came to haul anchor (well it was drop the lazy line actually) and head off, first stop on the sail trail. Seagull bay, a beautiful bay with one rickety restaurant on a rickety pontoon. 

Fethiye to Seagull bay (15.3nm)  Still hot hot hot!

We had a fairly respectable sail over to Seagull bay with the wind playing nicely. There were a couple of boats anchored in the bay and none on the rickety pontoon (the writing was on the wall really). We chose to tie up on the pontoon to give the Seadog Seniors a chance to stretch their legs and go for a wander. The deal being that you eat in the restaurant as payment for the mooring (the term restaurant is overselling the place). 

That night we dined on kebabs (a lot of which went to the local cats), the generator in the restaurant decided it had had enough and we were plunged into darkness. Luckily we were lent a torch by a visiting local, so we had some light until he left the restaurant taking his torch with him.

The piece de la resistance came when we were presented with the bill. We'd had 4 kebabs a bit of salad and a couple of bottles of the old vino (which bumps the price up straight away). Our rickety rip off restaurant man wanted 207YTL (about £80). Which is hugely expensive for Turkey and what we'd had. As we hadn't checked prices before hand (no menu's) we had no alternative but to cough up. Mr Rip off let us off the 7YTL as we had no change!!!

We retired to our bunks as we had an early start the next day, off to the Greek Island of Kastellorizon which was about 50nm away!

Seagull bay to Kastellorizon (51 nm) You know what comes next its HOT HOT HOT

As early morning starts go, it wasn't the best we were all up at about 6.30 and I went to put the kettle on to give us a much needed caffeine fix (you know how we work. NO CAFFEINE NO WORK).

We’d bought a new Gas bottle before leaving Fethiye (and given it a quick test to make sure it worked and it had). Now for some reason the gas went out after a few seconds, the Captain shook the bottle, there was gas in it. On closer inspection it appeared that our regulator which has worked with Turkish gas bottles before, wouldn't work with this one. Your way ahead of me aren't you, NO GAS, NO COFFEE and a 50 mile journey ahead of us!! I tell you we had to dig deep and make Frappe coffees, which don't get me wrong, have their place in the world of coffee but not at 7.00am!!

We arrived in Kastellorizon some 10 hot coffee starved hours later! After parking on the quay outside a local taverna. We had a quick swim to try and cool off (didn't work). The sun went to bed and we ventured out for a wander and something to eat!

We couldn't get Gas in Kastellorizon, so Seadog Senior treated us to brekkie in one of the quayside tavernas. Then it was offski to our next stop Kekova roads. 

Kastellorizon to Kekova roads (18.2nm) and it’s still you know what -HOT

We were able to sail most of the way to Kekova and arrived late afternoon. We tied up on the middle pontoon, which belongs to Hassan Deniz and his family. They were quick to recognise us and their first question to the Captain was 'Where is your father?' 

We spent 2 nights in Kekova the second of which was a bit bumpy, so there was a soupson of the old squeaky line syndrome going on. Hassan Deniz and his family are very friendly and welcoming, we’d visited them 2 years ago when Hassans son Mehmet was a toddler, he was now going through a hammering stage. The local cats were keeping their heads down!

Gas situation Nada, but on the plus side the pontoon has electricity, so we broke out the electric kettle and toaster!

Kekova roads to Finike (19.9nm) Blooming Baking!

Joy, joy joy sailed most of the way things got a little bit feisty when we turned the boat up into wind to take the mainsail down just outside of the marina. Yes you did read write all our gas and shower prayers were answered when we checked into Finike marina. We spent 2 roasting nights there, good job we were able to climb over the breakwater for a welcome dip!

After the luxury of the marina, we decided to have a night in a bay at anchor. We were now travelling into unchartered (by Team Stella Maris) territory. 

With a full gas bottle on board we threw caution to the wind and headed for Cinevis bay. 

Finike to Cinevis Bay (28.3nm) Hot close and clammy could be something a foot?

Cinevis bay was very picturesque surrounded by steep cliffs, we anchored in the bay and jumped in for a quick dip to try and cool off. It was at this point that we heard a rather ominous noise. At first we thought it was a plane, Antalya airport wasn't that far away. 

But the looming dark clouds and the continuation of the ominous noise, left us in no doubt. There be thunder around!! This was not part of the plan. After a dinner of crumbly burgers and salad (my own personal recipe). We retired to bed.

Pleased to say, that although there was thunder and lightening around, it stayed well away from us and I think all enjoyed a good nights sleep at anchor. 

Cinevis Bay to Kemer Marina (18.2nm) Still hot close and clammy, somethings got to give.

After a lovely morning swim, we hauled anchor and headed for our next stop Kemer marina. They gave us a rather snug spot but were very helpful and all went well. Bring on the marina luxury matey's. We went for a walk in the midday sun (mad bad dogs and Englishmen).

It was here that we bumped into some old chums of ours Bill and Pia. Bill and Seadog senior seemed to hit it off and we spent a bit of time in the Navigators bar with them, although there wasn’t much navigation taking place!

Kemer to Antalya (27.3nm) HOTTER than HOT.

We had a good last sail with the Seadog Seniors to Antalya (saw the Dudem water falls). Unfortunately you can no longer get into the rather picturesque old harbour which is right in the hub of the town. So we checked into the Celebek marina which is slightly out of the town. But hey a marina's a marina and this one was rather smart. There was a very nice swimming pool which we ALL took advantage of. We also dined in the rather upmarket restaurant there, which was very good. 

We hired a car and went to do a bit of the old touristy thing, which was tinged with the odd moments of not being able to find a petrol station (think we all breathed a sigh of relief when we exited the tunnel having not run out whilst going through it ) and getting lost! We visited Aspendos which is pretty impressive and the Antalya museum which was very good. 

The Seadog Seniors clocked up 178.2nm!! Seadog Senior helped out hugely in the helming department.

The time came as it always does for us to say our sad farewells. We drove them back to Dalaman where they caught their flight to Blighty on our way back to Stella we decided to stop in Fethiye and renew our transit log which was due to run out on the 14th of September (Turkish boat papers that you buy and they last a year). But that’s a whole other story.

So we’ll save that for next time matey’s, take care and be good

Love & adventures Team Stella x 2 XX
Monday, 14 September 2009