Fethiye Bay the second wedding party!

Some of you will know that our bessie bessie shipmates Ian and Mandy from Moli, tied the knot (marriage not bowline, I know it’s lame but you’ve got the get the chuckles where you can) in Blighty last month.

Unfortunately Team Stella and some of the other yachties couldn’t make it back to Blighty for the shenanigans. So Team Moli Mols decided to have a second wedding celebration at the Yacht Plaza hotel in Fethiye. We couldn’t make the wedding so they brought the wedding celebrations to us, here in Turkey. The party was the talk of the pontoon weeks before the actual event.

Well what can I say it was fun fun fun, partytastic, people came by boat and plane to enjoy the celebration.

We chatted, we ate, we drank, we sang and they may have been the odd bit of dancing. A great time was had by all, thanks Mr & Mrs Gardner for a wonderful evening, love hugs and laughter for the future XX

The wedding celebrations gave us a chance to meet up with old chums, so over the last couple of weeks there’s been a lot of catching up and mooching around. The weather has been a bit shall we say unpredictable, we’ve been anchored in the bay and on a few nights have had to cancel arrangements due to rain or threat of storms. Can’t leave Stella on her own as she doesn’t like thunder and lightning. 

On a more serious note, Dinghy Dinghy Dave may have finally given up the ghost, he’s been inflated and become deflated rather a lot recently. The Captain won’t give up on him and with the help of glue, patches, a rubber intertube and some expanding foam (don’t ask) keeps trying to revive and rebuild him. The last attempt saw the Captain rowing across the bay to shore, while I pumped to keep us afloat, there was an exchange for words that day, I can tell you. The Captain had another bash at him the other day, we’ve not yet pumped and launched to test the repair. 

We are now on the pontoon at Yacht Plaza waiting for our chum Marcus to arrive, he flies in tonight. There’s been a touch of the old Turkish Tummy going around and the Captain is tucked up in bed trying to sleep his way through it. 

We hope to leave in a couple of days to make the journey to Crete. We’ve got to check out of Turkey first, so that means another visit to the harbour master and the customs man, gulp!!

Will speak to you on the other side (Crete), stay safe and be good matey’s.

Love & inflatables The dinghy repair man, the pumper and a deflated Dinghy Dinghy Dave  XXX
Tuesday, 29 September 2009