Mountains, patios, olive picking and the odd scrummy meal!
Yassus peeps, hope all is well and you’re working yourselves up into the frenzy that is ‘Christmas’.

Have realised I’m more than a little bit behind with the old blogging, on the excuse front, well there isn’t one really other than I’ve been a bit of a slack monkey! 

October and November saw an influx of boats (yachties arriving for the Winter). There was a mixture of old chums and some new kids on the block (always good to mix things up a bit). 

We’ve enjoyed a ‘mini progressive dinner’ with our neighbours (luckily for them we were on the starter course). We will at some point have to pull a main course meal out of the hat (simple ideas on a postcard please). 

We’ve been on a number of walks with the marina group but have also chummed up with some rather energetic Swedes (not of the vegetable variety). Who are keen walkers add to that ‘Team Energetic’ a.k.a ‘Team Flapjack’ who like climbing mountains (we can now tick Lazarus, second highest mountain on Crete off the list) and clambering in gorges (it was extreme even by their standards) and the result should be a ‘Super fit Team Stells’ either that or a worn out one!

Worn out or not we’ve also been involved in project ‘Patio’ Team Flapjack were building a patio at their olive grove. There was caravan moving (block and tackles out) digging (or in my case scraping at the earth and shifting it around a bit) stone moving and of course a bit of bbq-ing. I’ve noticed that when ever we spend time with this duo, I come away longing for a ‘Radox’ bath.

No time for that (and we haven’t got a bath anyway) the olive picking season arrived again. So it was all hands on deck (or should I say olive trees) to pick, shake, rattle and roll those lickle suckers into the sacks for processing. 

The scores on the olive doors Team Bubbly lady had 18 sacks of olives which produced about 180 litres of oil. Team Moody Moose had 4 sacks and got about 25 litres. We are in olive oil heaven shipmates. 

In between this we’ve been trying to earn a bit of ‘money de pocket’ Captain M has been doing some bobs and bits of boat work et moi, well I’ve been doing a bit of private English teaching (after the fiasco of trying to get a job in a European school, don’t get me started on that one) so its not all play and no work.

We’re currently ‘Floozie’ sitting (she’s a cat) again for some friends who have returned to Blighty for Christmas. We’re staying on their boat the plan being that we can do some painting on Stells whilst not  on the boat. Will let you know if it happens or not!

Must go the Christmas day turkeys are awaiting collection, then its off for a de-boning session (the turkeys not us). Life doesn’t get much more rock ‘n’ roll than that matey’s.

Now off you go and finish your Christmas shopping, Merry Christmas to you all. Be good for Santa.

Love and mince pies Captain De-boner, the squeamish one and Floozer XX
Wednesday, 22 December 2010