Remithnon to Iraklion on Crete (approx 38 nm)
Iraklion is the fifth largest city in Greece, so you can imagine that the harbour is going to be pretty big and pretty busy.

We had to motor all the way there as there was zero wind. As we were approaching Iraklion a coastguard dinghy raced out and started circling us and Moli. We smiled and waved at the two rather grim looking coast guards onboard. But they didn’t seem to be very jolly fellows. 

After circling us a couple of times, they simply sped off, obviously after somebody else. As we were approaching Iraklion all the visual signs were pointing to the fact that it was indeed a big scary industrial port. 

We followed Moli into the old Venetian harbour part of the port. This bit is used by the locals, it was very busy and very shallow. Moli had managed to go ‘stern to’ on part of the quay. But it had been a real squeeze, she had some stern lines on but there were no lazy lines and there was no room to anchor. There was one space left, but we were told that the boat that moored there would be returning soon.

The decision was made to moor up outside the Venetian harbour in an area where some bigger motorboats had parked up. Whilst carrying out this procedure, ‘Reckless of Hamble’ followed by a rather large ferry turned up. The quay was quite high, this would make getting on and off the boats entertaining as the ladders were practically vertical. The crew of Stella went in search of fuel for the boat and beer for the crew. Glad to say we came up trumps on both counts. 

On our return we realised that we may not have been in the best spot. As when a small ‘fastcraft’ stylie boat came in everything started to rock and roll. Even though it hadn’t been going fast it created a whole lot of wash!! 

Later we went and had some drinks and nibbles on Moli then wandered into town for a gyros. They really are soooooo scrummy, you really should try them. We all agreed that we wanted to leave early the next day to have another go at pretending to night sail. We’ve obviously have had too much sun, because once again we all agreed (even Crewman Marcus) to leave at 7.00am (to leave any earlier would simply be foolhardy and just toooo darn early).

We weren’t ready for our adventure to end. So we decided to stop off in a bay called Spinalonga Lagoon to have once last night at anchor.

Love & mixed emotions XXX
Tuesday, 24 October 2006