Iraklion to Spinalonga Lagoon on Crete (approx 33 nm).  
I’ve recently read this book called ‘The Island’ (courtesy of Mrs Whitelely, many thanks) Richard and Judy also gave it the thumbs up. Well I’ll cut to the chase the book is about Spinalonga. It tells the story of how suffers of Leprosy were banished to the island. It really is a good read. Well I digress, as I sooo often do. 

We left Iraklion at the crack of dawn (well 7.00 am to be precise). All was quiet on the Western front as we motored out of the harbour. The winds were with us and we managed to sail for about 3 hours. We arrived in Spinalonga lagoon around 3.30 pm and anchored just off of a town called Elounda (also in the book). After a quick dip and a few drinks (well it’s rude not to) we all went ashore courtesy of Captain Ian and his dinghy taxi service. 

Once on the shore I walked to the dustbins with crew-lady Mandy (we get all the best jobs) we were loaded up with bin bags having a chat as you do, when all of a sudden I feel a slight chill around my legs, I look down to see my trousers around my ankles. Crew-lady Mandy noticed my predicament and did what any good friend would do, she started to laugh!! I eventually let go of the bin bags and pulled up my rather droopy trousers, I didn’t end up getting arrested so I don’t think anybody else noticed. 

The next day we motored over to Spinalonga island and anchored off of it. We all jumped in to Captain Ian’s dinghy and he took us ashore, ‘Ah ha me hearties’ (maybe just a tad to much sun). We took a stroll around the island and learnt more about the history of it. After leaving the island we decided to go for a quick dip before setting off for Agios Nikolaos.

Love & embarrassing moments XXX

P.S You really should read ‘The Island’
Wednesday, 25 October 2006